House of Visions - How we work - think - fell with customers

How we think, feel and work with customers

One of our core principles is that we match our customers

How we think

Secret #1

We are a group of seasoned coaches and consultants, that is hungry to make an impact for other people and organizations

We love to challenge our system of thinking and our customers and learn from others and find other and better ways to be, live, or grow. We are addicted to people and companies that want to impact the world positively, and love one passion gets a hunger to archive or do something for somebody and something.

How we feel

Secret #2

We feel that the world has been starving and constructed itself, so leadership within or for people is rare. So our passion is to ignite that in people and organizations, so we benefit to a more significant amount and culture, where leading your self and others for something good is the optimal choice. We love to create inspirational leaders combined with problem-solving, and not only isolated to one. 

How we work

Secret #3

Our focus is on developing leadership for yourself and others, and our work is a mixture of advisory and coaching. 

Our work builds on our customer's needs. It can vary from a couple of sessions to a long relationship for people and organizations, where we both deliver a team of consultants or one consultant. 

Much of our coaching is through transformational coaching sessions combined with accountability sessions.



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Our Customers and clients

We work with customers and clients in all kinds of sectors, fields, and cultures.

 Our clients are everything from international organizations to entrepreneurs and individuals. - We do also offer a unique service for people with a significant public profile. 

We love to work with people and organizations that are hungry to make a positive change within themself or others

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